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Linkedbio Report No.152

Lingmed Indication report- Infertility

Here comes the lingmed indication series report ! Lingmed will share a series of market analysis report targeting on hot indication areas. We will start with female infertility this week
Infertility refers to those who has normal sexual life, did not take contraceptive methods but has not yet been conceived or failed to fertility for 1 ~ 2 years. Its incidence is obviously keeps rising. The research did by the World Health Organization (WHO) in the late1980s among 33 centers in 25 countries showed that in developed countries, about 5% ~ 8% of couples affected by infertility, while in developing countries, the incidence can reach up to 30%, in china, it is about 6%-15%. The world is about 80 million - 110 million in the number of infertility. Increased the incidence of infertility may be related to late childbirth of marry at a mature age, abortion, and sexually transmitted diseases.
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Linkedbio Report No.151

In this month summary, Lingmed reports on:

One of Lingmed company missions is “Bring Innovative healthcare products to China market to improve Chinese patients’ life quality and save lives.” In order to achieve this mission, currently Lingmed support big Pharma in China to identify good innovative assets to bridge the innovation into China market. This month Lingmed analyst team shares with you the hot target of "MEK inhibtor"global and China R&D status analysis.
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