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Linkedbio Report No.137

Unlocking the value of epidemiology data for improved portfolio decision-making: Success in the CAR-T space

It has been well documented that immunotherapy is a key growth area in the oncology market. Despite the large number of companies operating in this space, there are still opportunities for drug development, particularly when married with the advancement of new therapeutic technologies and combination therapies. One of the newest and most technologically advanced therapeutic categories to emerge in this space has been chimeric antigen receptor expressing T-cells (CAR-T) – in essence a 'living drug' that utilises the process of adoptive cell transfer to prime a patient's T cells to recognise and kill cancer cells. Evaluate forecasts have valued the top 10 products in this market to be worth a combined $4.5bn by 2022, with a pipeline of 49 unique products in development
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Linkedbio Report No.136

Top 20 Most Valuable R&D Projects (Ranked by Net Present Value)

Aducanumab emerging as the most valuable pipeline product. AbbVie exhibits the largest amount of assets in the top 20. Good news for Biogen, as their Alzheimer's drug Aducanumab tops the list of most valuable projects in the pharmaceutical pipeline, but is this drug destined to go the way of most of the other Alzheimer's drugs before it?
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